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Bianca was resting  in a basement of an old home at Baton Rouge.  She was separated from her partner Daniel not too long after encountering a horde when trying to find a survivor which Grizz was able to make contact with.  The girl was hurt by some of the commons and a hunter by the encounter, so she took the opportunity to patch herself up while talking to herself as she try to figure out how to find her partner and the unknown survivor. She bit onto the end of a gauze to tighten it around her upper right arm before hearing a static voice.   Her eyes widened, it was coming from her radio that was on the old wooden table.  hello was all she could hear. was this the survivor that the old man was talking about?  She didn’t hesitate to open her mouth to drop the end of the gauze and picked  up her radio and clicked the button on the side of it.  "Hello! this is Safezone speaking,  can you read me? over!" she then released the button waiting for a response

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