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ratchmutt asked:

Hello! Any of you ever sing something to yourself wheen you're scared? Haha..Whenever I hear a Hunter I end up saying one of several things,the usual likely is "NONE FOR YOU,MR. CUDDLES!" or I end up singing a crappy parody of White 'n Nerdy.



Daniel: I-I don’t know what you’re talking about….

Bianca: Oh come on, I’ve heard you several times when we were on the boat.

Daniel: Sh-shut up, you’re lying! Making shit up ‘bout me….

((To all my followers that are still interested with my survivor blog,  I’ll be now be doing my answers here on askthesafezone where i’ll be working with me best friend Danny and sometimes with Kira as well.  So if you like come and follow me there and throw some asks while you’re at it please! 0u0.))


Bianca: I was guessing that you wanted me in something else eh? Sorry about that, we don’t really have much dresses in the storage room.  

((If you want to see some sexier dresses than those than please click read more since i didn’t want to take up space on the dashboard! 0w0 ))

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Bianca: I remeber in the beginning of the infection that  some infecteds  were hesitant to attack,  i don’t know if it was curiosity or being cautious but no I haven’t taken the chance to chat.  To be honest, I’m trying to survive and avoid them as best as possible…

((hey guys,  starting today im going to be gone for 10 days to go to the otakuthon in montreal and then camping with Nera,  i have 2 other posts on queue while im gone.  so while im gone send me some asks if you can and maybe some AU ideas for theme thursday.  hope you all enjoy yourselves 0w0))

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